Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Pet Grooming Northeast Philadelphia Veterinary Hospital

 At World of Animals Mayfair, we offer affordable pet grooming as one of our many services for your pup. Our groomer will make your furry friend look, feel and smell their best.

Spaying Your Pet Northeast Philadelphia Veterinary Hospital

After the Doctor reviews your pet’s blood work results and determines that we can safely proceed, an IV catheter is placed to allow for emergency drug access. Your pet will be given an injection for sedation; a tube will be placed in the throat so your pet can be connected to an anesthesia machine which will administer a combination of anesthesia and oxygen. One of our trained veterinary technicians will perform surgical monitoring. 

Pet Microchipping Northeast Philadelphia Veterinary Hospital

At World of Animals at Mayfair, we not only perform the implant, but also will handle the necessary paperwork for this registration. All World of Animals Veterinary Hospitals’ microchips include Lifetime Registration.

Pet Flea And Tick Control Northeast Philadelphia Veterinarian

The blood these Parasites leech off your pet may lead to anemia. Their bites often transmit diseases and cause skin irritation. Because fleas and ticks directly cause so many health problems, prevention is crucial.